I’ve been reading this blog about Real Food.  It’s based on Michael Pollan’s philosophy about food.  Today, I started down a path to try and eat more “real” food and less (none?) processed crap food.  I’ll probably still have some and I haven’t decided exactly what my personal rules will be in the short/long term.  For today, I ate well.

1/2c oatmeal, 1/2c applesauce, 1T almond butter (didn't like), cinnamon, 1c milk (drank some)
Morning Snack
1/2c nut mix (a little sugar in some of the dried fruit until I use it up)
1/2c cottage cheese (1%)
1 pouch tuna fish
4 pieces of celery
3T of plain Greek yogurt mixed with chili spices for dip
Afternoon Snack
1/2c nut mix (rest of cup from above)
later before dinner
2 hard boiled eggs and a few olives
5oz wt raw Bison burger with 1T blue cheese crumbles
1/2 red pepper sauteed w/1t olive oil
carrots w/Ozark and cinnamon
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Well, today was tough.  I had 3 days off from the JCC and a crazy busy fun weekend.  I don’t think I’ve taken 3 days off of workouts since I had my tonsillectomy in September.

Being Monday, I was excited for SPIN class. But, it was a tough go.  First, I couldn’t find my bicycle shorts.  Crisis was averted since hubby was still home and had just brought them up from the laundry.  Second, I forgot the stroller for Sally.  We had taken it out of the car to haul other things this weekend and didn’t put it back into the car.  She’s old enough to walk, but it’s pretty far from the car to the playroom.  Also, it’s hard for me to hold her hand, keep and eye on Nick, carry my bag, their changing bag and bottle bag at the same time.  To my surprise, we did alright (even in the rain).  Going in was better than leaving.  By the time I pick them up from the playroom, they are very tired.  Sally routinely falls asleep in the stroller on the way to the car.   On the way out, I had to carry Sally.  I guess I had 2 workouts today.  I definitely don’t want to forget on a regular basis.

Spin class was extra fun because my friend Lyle came.  He used to work at the desk and just changed positions so I don’t run into him as much anymore.  Beth brought her normal awesome tough class for us and it was great.  I really get a great workout with her class.

We headed straight home after the J since it was raining.  Shopping with the kids while it’s raining is no fun.  We past 4 Davey Tree trucks near our house and were surprised to see 2 more crews  working almost in front of our house.  Nick had a front row view of trucks, cherry pickers and chain saws.Nick started outside sitting on a plastic bag since it was raining/wet.  He quickly moved into our foyer where he enjoyed the show and eat his lunch.  Best entertainment for a 3 year old!


Tomorrow’s workout includes training with Chelsea.  I haven’t worked out with her in two weeks and with my 3 day hiatus from the weekend, I suspect it will be tough.

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