Today, I planned a cardio workout.  I got dressed for my standard elliptical workout, but also through my swimsuit into the bag.  Nick and Sally helped their dad take out the trash, while I finished getting ready.  We were all ready to go before 8am.  Usually, the kids and I don’t leave quite that early.  It takes 12 minutes to drive to the playroom and a few minutes to unload and get inside.  But, Kid Kare doesn’t open until 8:30am.  Today, we were all the way inside the J, downstairs and almost to the playroom at 8:22am.  Then, it dawned on me.  I could go to the 8:30am water aerobics class.  I took the kids to the locker room, got dressed, through clothes back on over my suit, dropped them at Kid Kare at 8:30 (maybe 8:28) and was in the water by 8:35.  In the past, Kid Kare was upstairs and the timing wasn’t practical.  Now, with the new space on the lower level (near all of the action), it was totally doable.

I was happy that the warm up had just begun.  I recognized many faces from around the J, and I also saw a few people from when I used to take the class (before kids).  Bobbie is the instructor and she is great.  She stays on land so you can see all of the moves and she wears a microphone.  I really appreciated all of the exercises since my knowledge in strength training has improved since I last took the class.  I liked pushing my self with the water resistance and I got a great workout.  Boy, have I missed the water.  I think I am going to add this to my Friday routine.  It especially fit after the Thursday afternoon BOSU Sculpt class soreness.

Next up: day with the family tomorrow (hopefully outside since we are expecting 65 and no rain!)

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Apr 292011
1/2c oatmeal, 1c peaches, 1c milk, cinnamon, 1T cashew butter
Morning Snack
handful of nuts
tortilla w/banana, honey
sausage/cheese/sauce tortilla
Afternoon Snack
cheese stick
few CSA corn chips
peppers, onions, mushrooms, small bit of chicken/tomato
corn chips
(fajita style)
Late Snack
piece of honey wheat bread, drizzle of honey & cinnamon
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