Today, we ventured to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to check out the Little Builders exhibit.  It was GREAT.  We arrived about 5pm and Nick and Sally were the only ones at the exhibit.  We were greeted by Dane and Amanda.  They work at the admissions desk Wednesday evenings and we see them often.


The exhibit is full of items that turn, stack, move and topple!


Since the exhibit is open until September, I think we’ll get to know it well.


On the exercise front, I completed 15 minutes on the elliptical along with my PT exercises and a nice arm workout (row, lat pull down, biceps, triceps).

Next up: PT and water workout tomorrow afternoon.

overnight oats
1/4c coach's oats
1/2c milk
1 banana
1/3c raisins
1T peanut butter
salad (lettuce, chicken, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, red peppers, blue cheese, drizzle of honey)
Afternoon Snack
banana bread
chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread
date w/1t peanut butter
2oz 100% juice
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