As we were getting ready to go to the J today, thunderstorms rolled in.  We delayed our departure since it was storming and dark.  We ended up getting there about 1/2 later than normal.  My knee was a bit sore today from bicycling with Nick in the trailer on Sunday.   So, today’s workout was all for rehab.

I did 10 minutes on the elliptical, 40 minutes on the Nu Step and my PT floor exercises.  I’ve also been up and down the stairs all day taking care of the kids and my husband.  Tonight, I feel great.

Next up: strawberry picking the morning and workout in the PM.


Today was a crappy food day.  I didn’t really eat fruit or veggies and I was in the mood for chips.  Yuck!  They don’t even taste very good to me.


pumpkin Kodiak cakes w/maple syrup
Morning Snack
piece of cheese
potato chips
berry smoothie
Late Snack
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