Stephen and I met bicycling.  So, we love it.  It’s only natural for us to want to bicycle with the kids.  Our friends from Minnesota gave us a Burley trailer a few years back.  It’s great, but both kids together are not comfortable.  Nick is just too big.  So, we’ve been investigating the  I-Go, Trail A Bike, Co-Pilot, and others to be able to take the kids bicycling.

Today, we decided to venture down to Century Cycles in Peninsula.  They have a rental business out of that location and they have the I –Go that you can try out.  We almost were too late to rent it for today (by 5 minutes), but they made an exception.  We were looking to buy it.  We really weren’t there to rent it.  I think that made the difference.

We really thought we would love the I-Go and we were right.  It was really easy to ride this with Nick.  Stephen will be pulling Sally in the other trailer, so we are really looking for a package deal where Nick and I are comfortable riding.  I like that Nick is in a comfortable seat that is close to the ground.  He’s also buckled in like a car seat.  I love that I don’t feel like he’ll be falling out.  We would love to buy one, but we need to figure out transport first.  We also need more spec information first.  I’ll keep you all posted.



We rode about 5 miles total (from Peninsula to Boston and back).  Sally and Nick were both happy as we finished.


Maybe it was playing in the dirt or seeing the train.  I’d like to think the smiles were from riding.


next up: hoping for an afternoon workout tomorrow!

overnight oats
Morning Snack
handful of cashews
salad w/chicken
side of sweet potatoes
Afternoon Snack
2 pieces of whole wheat toast w/creamed honey and peanut butter
1/2 bison burger on bun
cole slaw
Late Snack
maple ice cream w/pecans
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