Today, we went to the zoo.  We are members of the Akron Zoo thanks to a Groupon purchase earlier in the year.  When we activated our membership, they gave us a coupon for $5 for our family of 4 to go to the Cleveland Zoo.  The zoos are no longer 100% reciprocal with each other and the coupon is a way of helping out the members.

We arrived at the zoo just before they opened.  We wanted to get there early because the kids are early birds, it’s not too hot and it’s not too crowded.  Mission accomplished.

Although we trekked up to the primates area, saw the koalas and a few other animals, this visit was all about the return of the elephants.  It seems like it took forever to rebuild the new elephant home.  It turned out great and we enjoyed seeing them inside and out.

We enjoyed 2 perfect hours at the zoo that ended with eating our picnic lunch in the shelter.  It was a nice and active day.



Next up: workout at the J in the morning

raw oats (this was going to be overnight oats, but I forgot to make them, so they only soaked an hour... still yummy)
Morning Snack
apple at the zoo
lunch at the zoo:
open faced chicken sandwich on honey whole wheat w/honey ketchup
yummy salad (greens, mushroom, pepper, carrot, honey, blue cheese)
Afternoon Snack
handful of cashews
other piece of bread from lunch
1c orange juice
bison burger w/blue cheese on honey whole wheat bun
harvard beets
cole slaw
Late Snack
1T peanut butter
1 chocolate square
maple syrup
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