I was bummed when I woke up and my knee still hurt.  I hope it gets better quickly, since I was doing so well.  I knew that the spinning class was out of the question.  I had already planned to meet Shayna (who recently broke her foot) at 10 am  (when 1/2 of spin class would have been over).  We ended up meeting just before 9:30am.  We sat in the new lounge area of the fitness center.

We ended up spending an hour and a half talking, laughing and smiling.  It was so nice to have adult conversation without kids interrupting and to spend time with a good friend.

I ended up doing a few of my PT exercises and showering before I picked up my kids from Kid Kare.  It was time well spent.  Exercise is good for physical and mental health.  Conversation with friends is also excellent for mental health.

Next up:  strawberry picking at a new farm in the morning, workout and CSA pick up after nap time.

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overnight oats (cashew butter, oats, cinnamon, apple, milk)
Morning Snack
few nuts
whole wheat linguine with chunky tomato bechamel sauce
mashed potatoes
radish top soup
Late Snack
2 muffins
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