Today was a tough day to be a parent.  Nick was in a mood all day.  It started with a mini tantrum as we left to go to the J.  I was not buckling his seat belt the way daddy showed him.  He threw a fit that included that screeching scream that hurts your ears.  It would not be the only time I heard it today.  Stephen had to go out to the car and explain to him that his seatbelt was twisted before and that’s why he took it off of the hook to buckle it last time.  Whew!  I thought I all of a sudden didn’t know how to buckle his car seat.

Next, we made it to the J and when we entered, Nick announced that he wanted to take the stairs.  When Sally rides the stroller in, we have to take the elevator.  Today, she walked.  I said that the stairs were ok.  Nick walked up to the elevator and pushed the button for down.  It opened and Sally rushed on.  Now, Nick would have to ride the elevator.  More screaching screams ensued.  They continued all the way down the hall to the play room where he laid on a couch and would not come in.  He finally came into the room and spent the next 40 minutes crying and screaming.  30 minutes into it, the care givers told me to try to go workout and they’d see how he did.

I left to ride the elliptical and vent to a friend.  Soon enough, we didn’t hear the crying anymore.  I did 30 minutes and headed back to the play room.

We had planned to go to the spray ground and changed into swim suits.  We went across the way to the pool area and didn’t even stop at our car.  After sunscreen was applied, both Nick and Sally quickly made use of the water sprays and enjoyed the coolness of getting splashed.  At some point, Nick fell and while getting up he realized that he still had his sandals on.   This meant that we hadn’t changed him into his plastic water shoes.  More screaming ensued.

Shortly after this tantrum, we headed home.  There were a couple of more tantrums throughout the day for various reasons.  It was exhausting.

We are going blueberry picking again in the morning.  I’m hoping for a fun, calm day filled with a happy Nick and Sally.


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