I was heading south on route 8 today as I traveled from Mayfield Heights to Akron.  When I approached Hudson and the Clarion Hotel, I noticed a few historical ambulances.  After I finished up in Akron and headed back north, I decided to exit at Hines Hill Road and check it out.

Turns out, this week is the Professional Car Society International Meet in Hudson.  Who knew that such a society existed?

The hotel parking lot is where the cars are displayed.  It’s at the intersection of Hines Hill Road and Route 8.


There were many ambulances along with some combo hearse/ambulances.


Elmo and Grey Poupon mustard were both highlighted in this one.  There was a whole row of hearses.




Vehicles are still arriving and will all arrive by Saturday for the official meet.  A schedule of the events, includes a drive in as well as a lights and sirens show.  If you are in the area, it’s worth stopping by this week.  About 120 vehicles are expected for the peak on Saturday.


The weather was great today.  The kids and I headed to the J for a quick workout.  I ended up doing 20 minutes on the bike and then triceps, biceps, and abs.  After the J, we headed to a friend’s house to play.


I think it’s always more fun to play at someone else’s house.

Later in the day, my mom was released from the hospital.  She is doing well.  The flowers were from her brother and sister in law who live in Florida.  My cousin is still in ICU, but we expect her to move to a regular floor soon.


On the way home, I ran across a car show.