Today, we met friends at the new Splash Park in Lyndhurst.  It’s located on Brainard Road near just west of 271.  I had heard from our friends that it was $3 for residents and $4 for non-residents.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was only charged $4.  It turns out that kids 3 and under are free with a paying adult.  So, for the rest of this season, I can take Nick and Sally for $4 total each time!  They are open 10 AM – 7 PM Monday through Saturday and 10 AM – 6 PM on Sunday.  Due to some construction delays, it didn’t open until July 10th, so it’s brand new!  There’s a small concession stand which we did not visit, but you are also allowed to bring food in and enjoy in designated areas.

We arrived just a few minutes after they opened and Nick and Sally were excited.  Nick immediately got wet and it took Sally a few minutes to warm up to the water.  It was warm and cloudy which was perfect weather.  The sun peeked out a few times too.

Here are a couple of wide shots so you can get the idea of what it’s like.


Nick really liked the slides.  He had a little trouble following the feet first rule, but after a time out, that was much better.  He also spent lots of time running around.


Sally walked up the stairs (and back down) 4 times before she let me hold her hand to sit down and use the slide.  She needed my hand another 4 times before she started going down by herself.  After the first solo trip, she went down many more times.  Eventually, she moved to the bigger green slide.  Both of the slides have water going down them.  It’s enough to make it slippery, but not too much.  Eventually, she was soaked and exhausted.


Sally sat with me for a few minutes and then Nick came up and told me he was ready to go home.  I’m hope that leaving will be that easy every time!  Both kids took 4 hour naps today.  Water play is great for wearing them out.


No formal workout today, but I’m at 9325 steps.  I ended yesterday at 12,306!


oatmeal (cooked!) with peanut butter, peaches, cinnamon, raisins
veggie lasagna
Afternoon Snack
mashed potatoes
Late Snack
toast with peanut butter
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