Yesterday morning, we went back to Patterson’s Fruit Farm to pick more peaches.  It was the same set up as last week.


Nick really wanted to wear this long sleeved shirt.  I didn’t think it was worth arguing about it, but I packed a short sleeve shirt just in case he decided he was hot.  Both Sally and Nick enjoyed a couple of peaches right off the trees.


We ran into some friends and they took a group shot of us.


Here’s Maria, Paula and Mandi.  Today was the first day that I met Mandy and Maria, but Paula and I went picking raspberries a few weeks back.  We ended up picking another full bushel of peaches.


I wish that peach season was longer, but I’m so glad that we have pick your own available near by.  Peaches are super easy to pick and Patterson’s is only 20 minutes from our house in Mayfield Heights.  Since I canned some and made jam last week, I think I’ll be able to can this week’s bounty.  I have a peach post planned for this week to help document what I’ve learned about processing my crop.

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