I had 2 items on the agenda today.  They included a workout and peach canning.

First up was the workout.  The kids and I headed to the J.  I rode the E Spinner for 15 minutes and worked on triceps.  Then, I foundChaya for and chatted 30 minutes while I did the elliptical.  I ended with some misc. weights for biceps and shoulders.

I feel good about the workout, but I need to write out my workout plan ahead of time.  I feel like I need to push myself more when I have solo workouts.  I was happy with my cardio today.

Next was peaches!  I’ve canned 14 quarts of peaches today.  I still have a few peaches left, but they aren’t quite ripe (soft) enough yet.  I’m also in the process of trying to make peach honey.  More on my canning successes soon!

Next up: Botanical Gardens with friends tomorrow.