Jun 222012

Last week, we were almost out of oatmeal.  We had tried it from the End of the Commons General Store a few months back and decided to stock up.  It’s not local (and I do have a lead on a bulk local quanity), but the timing was right for Sally and I to make a trip while Nick was in camp last week.

This is what a 50 pound bag of oats looks like.  It was $26.00.


2 or 3 of us eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday.  We also use it in some of our muffin recipes.  I’m not exactly sure how long this will last, but I don’t suspect to need oats for a while.

We bought a couple of containers from Dean’s Supply and bagged the rest.  I’m hoping it stores well in Nick’s closest where the humidity isn’t too bad.



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  1. The oats will keep for a long time and humidity won’t bother them. Do make sure you store them in containers that completely seal. Canning jars work really well. You want to keep bugs out and also make sure that any bugs in the oats don’t get out if there are any. It’s pretty common for oats to have little this or thats. If you can freeze them that’s even better than keeping in jars b/c if there are any tiny no-see-um type things freezing will take care of them.


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