I usually take Thursday off from exercise.  Since hubby has been out of town this week, I decided a babysitter would be a good idea for this afternoon.  I took the opportunity for a long workout at the JCC.  I was able to get there early enough for a solid 30 min on the elliptical.  Then, I took the 4:30pm BOSU Sculpt class.  Kim teaches this class.  She is the person in charge of all of the group fitness classes.  I think there are over 60 classes in any given week.  In addition to organizing the staff, rooms, etc., she also teaches a few of them.  I haven’t taken any of her classes lately due to my personal scheduling, and I was excited to see her on today’s schedule.  I really like her style.  She’s fun and she’s knowledgeable.  The BOSU Sculpt class encompassed upper, lower and core strengthening along with balance and flexibility.  She also included a few minutes of cardio.  I was happy with my ability to do about 90% of the exercises.  The ones that were too tough, I was able to modify to my level.  If you aren’t familiar with a BOSU, you can check it out here.

Activity points earned: 7 Elliptical, 7 BOSU sculpt class=14 total

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