After staying up way too late last night, I was exhausted for today’s workout.  I gathered up some energy and still had a great workout.  I warmed up on the elliptical for 13 minutes.  Then, I spent about 45 min with Emily.  Usually, she has a client right after me, but today there was a cancellation.

We tried out a few new things today.  We did a high row and a shoulder series with weights.  We also did a triceps exercise with a barbell.   This was mixed in with some standards (leg press, abs machine).

I asked about the ab solo machine since it showed up on a suggested workout this week.  Emily showed me how to get set up on it and demonstrated the 2 ways to do it.   You can see what it looks like here.  It really tough, but I’m sure I can work up to a reasonable amount of time/reps.

Activity points earned: 2 elliptical, 3 trainer work out=5 total

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  1. That Ab Solo Machine looks scary! Good for you for attempting it and I am sure you will master it! :)

    I’ve done the too tired workout–no fun! But kudos to you for doing it anyways!

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