Today, I was sore.  I overdid it yesterday.  I didn’t want to go to the JCC.  The kids were excited to go to the playroom and we were signed up.  So, off we went to the J, in the rain.  Yuck!

I decided that I could at least read a magazine, relax and take a nice shower.  I actually read the Weight Watcher magazine.  The magazine is a lot better than I remember it.  I got a few ideas for meals that I am putting on the list to try.

At least I did the elliptical while I read.  I spent 30 minutes at a medium level.  I didn’t push myself, but it felt good to move my sore muscles and relax a bit as I enjoyed my magazine.  I need to remember that it’s ok to have an easy workout now and then.

Tonight, I had dinner with the family at Red Robin.  It’s nice that they are so kid friendly.  My daughter needed a diaper change and my terrific husband volunteered.  He was gone a LONG time.  When he finally returned (maybe 15 min later), she was wearing his undershirt.  I didn’t have my camera, but it was hilarious.  Kudos to Stephen for being resourceful.

Next up: day off of exercise tomorrow.

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