I didn’t have a workout to speak of today, but I will definitely have a solid cardio workout tomorrow.  That said, I didn’t sit down much today.  Being active is GREAT!

I spent most of the day cleaning.  It was really nice to make some forward progress on the house today.  Sometimes, I think we have too much stuff.  Today, it was confirmed.  I can’t wait for trash pick up this week!  I’m also gifting some of the baby stuff that we don’t need anymore.   Delivery for that is this week as well.

I had the rare opportunity to shop without the kids today.  My sister and parents both got me gift cards for clothes for my birthday.  I have tons of clothes, but nothing that fits and feels great right now.  I really felt like a few tops (and bras) that fit right at my current weight would do wonders for me.  I haven’t really gained or lost pounds lately, but my sizes are going DOWN.  Several times at the store, the salesperson, Rachelle, had to bring me smaller sizes.  Rachelle and her coworker kept telling me that my shirts were too big.  I was happily surprised.  I think my strength training regiment combined with cardio is really paying off.  It was the first time in years, that it was fun to try on clothes!

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  1. Diligence pays off!! What a great post and I love the title!!

  2. what a great feeling! love those “no-scale” rewards!!

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