Monday’s SPIN class with Beth has become routine.  I love starting my week with her class.

Today, I walked in and all of the furniture had been rotated 90 degrees.  It was so different.  Everyone that walked in did a double take.  We have a rectangular room and the instructor has been in the front (one of the skinny ends) with rows of bikes in front of her. (Think bowling alley).  Today, she was shifted around and the bikes formed a semi circle type of pattern.  There were maybe 50% less rows and they were wider.  So, we were all much closer to the front than before.  I think it was great and added to the intimacy of the class.  I hope they keep the change.

It was a bit weird to pick a bike in the “right” place.  I always pick a bike in the same spot.  Actually, I always pick my spot and then move a bike I like to that location.  I consider mirrors, instructor spot, fan locations/path, neighbors, etc.  It’s quite the process.

The class itself was AWESOME.  I can’t wait for next week.

Next up: trainer workout with Paula in the morning.

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