I planned a cardio workout today and that plan was put into action.  I completed 30 solid high intensity minutes on the elliptical.  My legs feel great, but my arms are sore from yesterday.

Since I had a shorter workout today, I took a few minutes to clean out my purse before I picked up the kids from Kid Kare.  I found 2 lonely jelly beans in the bottom of my purse.  I’ve been trying to not eat refined sugar or white flour since Monday, so, I tossed the jelly beans in the nearest trash can.  Spiced jelly beans are superb, but these were not in my plan.  It was a nice victory.

After we left the JCC, the kids and I dodged the rain drops and made a trip to Whole Foods.  Nick was disappointed because the waterfall wasn’t working.  We picked up a few items like bananas because they were actually yellow, mesa marina corn meal for corn tortillas and pepitas black bean burger recipe.

Next up: BOSU sculpt class tomorrow afternoon

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  1. Congrats on sticking to your plan!!!

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