The kids and I had a relaxing day at home.  We had lots of wind today and a “brown out” which basically meant that everything worked, but was dim.  We had full power by dinner time. WHEW.

I spent most of the day cooking.  I made dinner for a friend (and us) at the same time.  Sweet potato casserole, cornmeal crusted chicken tenders, and my favorite – Honey Whole Wheat rolls/bread.  It was busy for sure.

After nap time, we headed to the JCC so I could take the BOSU class.  Today was tough.  Some weeks I feel like my balance on the BOSU is better and other days it’s horrible.  Today, it was horrible.  I think a lot of it is dependent on how firm the BOSU is.  I’m not good at picking one out yet.

There is one exercise that I need to ask about.  It involves lightly tapping your one foot on the ground when your other food it planted on the middle of the BOSU.  I can’t seem to lightly tap and it is going to cause planter fasciitis if I don’t figure out a good subsitute until I am better at the exercise.  I’ve had several bouts of planter fasciitis and I hope that I am not getting another.  My right food is sore tonight.

Overall, I had a great workout.  I did some of the exercises on the ground when the BOSU was too much and I’m ok with that.  I like that I am comfortable modifying the exercises to my level as needed.

Next up: cardio in the AM

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