I’ve been reading this blog about Real Food.  It’s based on Michael Pollan’s philosophy about food.  Today, I started down a path to try and eat more “real” food and less (none?) processed crap food.  I’ll probably still have some and I haven’t decided exactly what my personal rules will be in the short/long term.  For today, I ate well.

1/2c oatmeal, 1/2c applesauce, 1T almond butter (didn't like), cinnamon, 1c milk (drank some)
Morning Snack
1/2c nut mix (a little sugar in some of the dried fruit until I use it up)
1/2c cottage cheese (1%)
1 pouch tuna fish
4 pieces of celery
3T of plain Greek yogurt mixed with chili spices for dip
Afternoon Snack
1/2c nut mix (rest of cup from above)
later before dinner
2 hard boiled eggs and a few olives
5oz wt raw Bison burger with 1T blue cheese crumbles
1/2 red pepper sauteed w/1t olive oil
carrots w/Ozark and cinnamon
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Well, today was tough.  I had 3 days off from the JCC and a crazy busy fun weekend.  I don’t think I’ve taken 3 days off of workouts since I had my tonsillectomy in September.

Being Monday, I was excited for SPIN class. But, it was a tough go.  First, I couldn’t find my bicycle shorts.  Crisis was averted since hubby was still home and had just brought them up from the laundry.  Second, I forgot the stroller for Sally.  We had taken it out of the car to haul other things this weekend and didn’t put it back into the car.  She’s old enough to walk, but it’s pretty far from the car to the playroom.  Also, it’s hard for me to hold her hand, keep and eye on Nick, carry my bag, their changing bag and bottle bag at the same time.  To my surprise, we did alright (even in the rain).  Going in was better than leaving.  By the time I pick them up from the playroom, they are very tired.  Sally routinely falls asleep in the stroller on the way to the car.   On the way out, I had to carry Sally.  I guess I had 2 workouts today.  I definitely don’t want to forget on a regular basis.

Spin class was extra fun because my friend Lyle came.  He used to work at the desk and just changed positions so I don’t run into him as much anymore.  Beth brought her normal awesome tough class for us and it was great.  I really get a great workout with her class.

We headed straight home after the J since it was raining.  Shopping with the kids while it’s raining is no fun.  We past 4 Davey Tree trucks near our house and were surprised to see 2 more crews  working almost in front of our house.  Nick had a front row view of trucks, cherry pickers and chain saws.Nick started outside sitting on a plastic bag since it was raining/wet.  He quickly moved into our foyer where he enjoyed the show and eat his lunch.  Best entertainment for a 3 year old!


Tomorrow’s workout includes training with Chelsea.  I haven’t worked out with her in two weeks and with my 3 day hiatus from the weekend, I suspect it will be tough.

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Nick and Sally dressed for church.


Egg hunt with the cousins.




Decorating eggs.



We all had a great weekend and we are exhausted.  It’s a good thing tomorrow is Monday and we can rest with the JCC and spin class.

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We were expecting rainy weather today, but we were pleasantly surprised and happy to have a sunny day in the 70’s.  We started our day at the Botanical Gardens to see the Daffodil Show.  We were a bit disappointed as the show really wasn’t quite set up yet while we were there.  We let the kids play and heard a couple of story hour books.  We stopped to look at the daffodils on our way out.  It looked like a contest where locals could bring their properly displayed flowers and have them judged in various categories.  I’m sure all of the varieties and criteria would be quite meaningful if you were into it.  We just like looking at them.  Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.  This photo is from our yard this afternoon.


Here are Nick and Sally posing at the gardens.


Here is Nick playing with the nature blocks.  Here is Sally on the swings at a local playground in Little Italy.  We stopped there on the way home to wear them out for naps.


After lunch and naps, we headed back down to University Circle and made our way back to the Natural History Museum.  Yes we were there yesterday.  We have a membership and we can bring guests.  It was also supposed to be rainy.  We met up with my sister and her family.

Here is Nick and his cousin.


Here are all 4 cousins together.


And the parents!


We had a great time and after snacks outside by the dinosaur, we parted ways.  Our family had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and now the sweet potatoes are in the oven in preparation for Easter dinner tomorrow.  It’s been a long and active day.  There’s plenty of fun planned for tomorrow as well.

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Apr 232011

I won’t have a food log post today or tomorrow.  I haven’t really eaten badly today, but we did eat out for dinner last night and tonight.  We have plans to be at Easter breakfast and dinner out tomorrow.

Monday, I’ll be back in full force with my personalized 100+ Days of Real Food program and log.

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Our friends Aaron, Jeanne and their daughter are in town visiting from Rome.  We met up with them at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  We hadn’t seen them since December of 2009 and it was GREAT to catch up.  I’ve known Aaron since seventh grade and met Jeanne when I traveled to Africa for their wedding.  Needless to say, we are pretty good friends.  It was a fun outing.  Here are a few photos.

Here are Nick and Sally hanging out.  Both of them are sporting their new hair cuts.


Here is Sally at the jump rope station.  And here is Aaron & Jeanne’s daughter trying out our stroller.  I love her beautiful eyes.


Here is a photo of Aaron and Jeanne.  They always take GREAT photos.


We have a busy weekend planned.  I’m looking forward to sneaking in a quick workout or two before Monday’s spin class.

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Apr 222011

Bad day for veggies.  :-(

1/2c oatmeal, 1c milk, 1 apple, 1T peanut butter, cinnamon
Morning Snack
Clif Z Bar
Natural History Museum
Tuna Melt with veggies, chips
Afternoon Snack
PPJ sandwich
pulled pork, corn muffin, baked beans, mac n cheese
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Today was a jam packed day for the kids and I.  We headed to the JCC this morning.  I got a great workout in on the elliptical.  I did a solid 30 minutes of high intensity.

We met a friend for lunch and had naps (myself included  :-)).  Then, we headed to the Barber Shop.

I had made an appointment for Sally and thought Nick could just do walk in service.  It worked out great.  There is one woman there who takes appointments and she has 2 girls, so I knew she’s be good for Sally.  Sally had her hair cut once before and it wasn’t the best experience.  Today, the key was a sucker.  The stylist gave her a sucker and she was mostly still throughout the haircut.  Nick is pretty versed in haircuts so he didn’t need my attention and the cuts actually overlapped a bit.  It was relatively painless and efficient.

I’ll try to post a photo tomorrow.

I ended the evening with Mom’s Night Out at a Japanese restaurant.  6 of us try to get together for dinner once a month.  We’ve been having MNO once a month since June of 2008.  We started out with 6 kids and now we have 13 between us.  It’s been a lot of fun.

Now, it’s bed time.  No planned workout tomorrow due to visitors from out of town, but we plan to be active.

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Apr 212011
1/2c oatmeal, 1c milk, 2 small apples, cinnamon, 1T peanut butter
California Pizza Kitchen
pear Gorgonzola pizza with mixed green salad
Shuhei Restaurant
steamed rice
crab stuffed mushrooms (appetizer portion)
shrimp tempura w/ veggies (appetizer portion)
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Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a dinner meeting for the Cleveland Chapter of the Ohio Blogging Association.  We met up the Touch Supper Club.  It was fun to meet some other Cleveland area blogging folks.  I was especially happy to meet Katie and Alicia, since both of them are also heading to Fit Bloggin‘ in May.  It was a fun evening and the food was superb.  I had the mushroom gnocchi and tomato soup.  I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

In attendance:

Alicia from Poise in Parma

Amanda from Clue into Cleveland

Bud from Circular Absurdity

Byron from byronfernandez

CLEgal from WhyCLE

Jeff from My Future Past

Joe from Healthy Day Fitness

Kali from Finishing Firsts

Katie from Healthy Heddleston

Lyn from Life Lyn Style

Maria from Delish Adventures

Maria from Downward Daily Dog

Robert  from Great Lakes Green Pages

Stephanie from Hungry in Cleveland

Stuart from Web SIG Cleveland

Today was an unplanned day off from working out.  Nick and Sally enjoyed a play date this morning and then took really long naps this afternoon.  So, we didn’t make it to the J before dinner.  Next up: cardio in the morning.

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