Apr 202011
1/2c oatmeal, 2 small apples, 1T peanut butter, cinnamon, 1c milk
Morning Snack
mandarin orange
pasta w/sauce
mini meatloaf
pasta w/sauce
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Today, I had my second sampler workout with Paula.  I really loved today’s workout.  The exercises were rather simple, but mighty.  I liked that we didn’t use too much equipment and that many of the exercises could be practiced at home.  My favorite was the inch worm.  I especially like the name of that since Nick is always pretending to be a snake, worm or other creature.  You can watch a video here.

I warmed up on the elliptical for 15 minutes and then met with Paula for 30 min.  We did a variety of exercises and I need to get a copy of them so I can incorporate them into other workouts.  Today’s workout felt great.

Tonight, I attended an Ohio Blogging Association dinner.  I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Next exercise: cardio workout at the J tomorrow afternoon.

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Apr 192011
1/2c oatmeal, 1c milk, 2 small apples, 1T peanut butter, cinnamon
Morning Snack
pizza chop bread
Afternoon Snack
Touch Supper Club
tomato soup
mushroom gnocchi
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Monday’s SPIN class with Beth has become routine.  I love starting my week with her class.

Today, I walked in and all of the furniture had been rotated 90 degrees.  It was so different.  Everyone that walked in did a double take.  We have a rectangular room and the instructor has been in the front (one of the skinny ends) with rows of bikes in front of her. (Think bowling alley).  Today, she was shifted around and the bikes formed a semi circle type of pattern.  There were maybe 50% less rows and they were wider.  So, we were all much closer to the front than before.  I think it was great and added to the intimacy of the class.  I hope they keep the change.

It was a bit weird to pick a bike in the “right” place.  I always pick a bike in the same spot.  Actually, I always pick my spot and then move a bike I like to that location.  I consider mirrors, instructor spot, fan locations/path, neighbors, etc.  It’s quite the process.

The class itself was AWESOME.  I can’t wait for next week.

Next up: trainer workout with Paula in the morning.

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Apr 182011
1/2c oatmeal, 1c milk, 2 small apples, cinnamon, 1T fresh peanut butter
chicken breast, sweet potatoes, ketchup
salad w/wheat berries, peppers, mushrooms
Afternoon Snack
Mountain Dew (I hardly ever drink soda anymore, but I was getting a migraine and I knew it would help)
pizza chop bread loaded with veggies and a bit of cheese and turkey pepperoni
salad (similar to above)
Late Snack
small piece of chop bread
mandarin orange
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We went to the JCC this morning after church.  For some reason, my abs are really sore.  I did 20 solid minutes of high intensity elliptical and then walked on the track a few minutes.  I forgot to bring a water bottle, so I stopped by the drinking fountain a few times.  I finished up with some stretching.  Next up: Spinning in the morning.

Nick and Sally decided to make and give out cupcakes yesterday.  They pulled the coffee table over in front of the fireplace (used to be a spot for gas logs) and set up shop.  Nick was making all kinds of cupcakes including broccoli cupcakes.  It definitely would win for originality for his creative combinations.  Of course, Sally needed to “help” too.  I love their imagination at this age.

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Apr 172011
1/2c oatmeal, 1c milk, 1/4c cottage cheese (stirred in at the end), cinnamon, banana
Morning Snack
2 bites of a Lenten pretzel at church
whole wheat orzo w/sauce, shrooms, chicken
Afternoon Snack
toast w/spread, cinnamon, Equal
grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, ketchup
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I didn’t have a workout to speak of today, but I will definitely have a solid cardio workout tomorrow.  That said, I didn’t sit down much today.  Being active is GREAT!

I spent most of the day cleaning.  It was really nice to make some forward progress on the house today.  Sometimes, I think we have too much stuff.  Today, it was confirmed.  I can’t wait for trash pick up this week!  I’m also gifting some of the baby stuff that we don’t need anymore.   Delivery for that is this week as well.

I had the rare opportunity to shop without the kids today.  My sister and parents both got me gift cards for clothes for my birthday.  I have tons of clothes, but nothing that fits and feels great right now.  I really felt like a few tops (and bras) that fit right at my current weight would do wonders for me.  I haven’t really gained or lost pounds lately, but my sizes are going DOWN.  Several times at the store, the salesperson, Rachelle, had to bring me smaller sizes.  Rachelle and her coworker kept telling me that my shirts were too big.  I was happily surprised.  I think my strength training regiment combined with cardio is really paying off.  It was the first time in years, that it was fun to try on clothes!

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Apr 162011
1/2c oatmeal, 1c milk, 1/2c squash (butternut?)
Morning Snack
carrot/squash muffin
grilled cheese with lots of mushrooms
tomato soup
Afternoon Snack
banana with peanut butter
steamed pork bum
lots of broccoli
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As far as exercise, today was a planned day off.  I did play at the playground with Nick and Sally and we were busy all day.  Next up: cardio Sat or Sun.

A couple of weeks ago, Giant Eagle had a killer deal on Frosted Mini Wheats (my husband’s cereal of choice) and milk.  I had plenty of Kellogg’s coupons and wanted to make the best out of the deal.  I had just purchased 2 gallons of milk the night before I figured out the deal.  So, with 2 gallons of milk in the fridge, I bought 6 more in 3 days.  I also received coupons for 6 more gallons of milk (but I had a little bit of time to use those).  (I bought 24 boxes of cereal all together.)

We drink a lot of milk at our house.  My husband has a cup a day.  I try to have 2 cups a day.  Nick has a couple of cups a day and Sally drinks about 1/2 gallon a day.  She probably doesn’t quite drink that much, but it’s close, especially after waste.  It ended up being easy to use all of the milk.

  1. I gave 2 gallons away to a friend.
  2. I froze two 1/2 gallon containers of skim milk.
  3. We used 2 cups in pudding.
  4. We used 2 cups in corn muffins.
  5. We used 8 cups in rice pudding.
  6. We drank the rest and already need to buy more today.

I really only froze the milk to see how it worked.  I had read on-line that you could freeze it and that skim milk was the best to freeze.  It tasted ok.  We used it on cereal.  The biggest challenge is getting it to thaw in a timing fashion.  I would freeze milk again, but I would freeze smaller amounts in each container and probably use it for cooking.

I also learned that one of our Giant Eagles locations goes through more milk than the other.  This means fresher milk at one store (better dates).  This tidbit will come in handy for the next sale.

For the first time, I made rice pudding with brown rice.  I read a bunch of recipes for rice pudding on line and then I ended up doing the following:

Brown Rice Pudding

Put the following in a crock pot (mine is a 6 qt).

  • 8c milk (I used skim)
  • 1c brown rice
  • 3/4c sugar
  • 1/4c brown sugar
  • seasoning such as cinnamon/nutmeg to taste.

Cook on high for 4-6 hours until rice is tender (done), stir occasionally.

Add 2 eggs and 1T double strength vanilla.  I tempered the eggs by taking a cup of the mixture out of the crock pot and mixing the eggs with it before adding it back into the crock pot.  It’s supposed to help you not end up with scrambled eggs in the pudding.  It helped, but didn’t totally solve that issue.  Season to your tastes.  I used a bit of nutmeg and tons of cinnamon.

Cook another hour or so until the mixture thickens.  It will thicken more when cooled.


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