We never made it to the JCC today.  Sally was up for a couple of hours last night.  We lose 2 nights of sleep per new tooth.  Last night, she got a molar.  We ran errands today and then played at the playground.  Nick rode his bike and Sally took a tricycle, but ended up walking.  They were both exhausted when we came home and took great naps.  Sally slept for almost 4 hours.  Nick slept for almost 3.  I was in heaven.

By the time everyone was aware and ready, there was not enough time left for a gym workout.  We headed to another park and then to pick up our Fresh Fork CSA.

After dinner, the family went out on our bikes.  Instead of just riding around the neighborhood, we ran errands.  Stephen rode his recumbent with Nick and Sally in the Burley trailer and I rode my single.  We rode to Target and Michael’s to pick up a few items that we’ve needed for a while.  It was great to get a ride in (about 4 miles total) and check something off the to do list at the same time.

Next up: physical therapy in the morning.

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