Today, we headed to Hale Farm and Village.  We had purchased a Western Reserve Historical Society membership when they had a Groupon back in February.  I knew we wanted to go to Hale Farm at least once and the membership also gets us into the museum at Wade Oval.

We had a group of 7 since Stephen’s brother and parents are in town.  Since they have a seven passenger van, we traveled together.  That worked out well.

Here’s the entrance to the complex and the admissions building.


We visited the Broom Squire first.  We watched the man make a broom.  He started out by giving Nick and Sally each a broom to sweep with.  It was nice that they had a toy.



Nick is enjoying maps of late.  He’s very inquisitive about where we are going.  We also visited the potter (who also was filling in as the glass blower today.)


Sally and Nick both enjoyed a break at a rocking chair in one of the buildings.


Here’s the glass blower in action and the brick layer mixing the materials with his feet!


Around noon, everyone was getting hungry, so we enjoyed a picnic before heading home for nap time.  I’m sure that Stephen, the kids and I will be back again this year.

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