Yesterday, the kids and I ran a ton of errands.  We went to 8 different places before nap time.  I was glad that myself and the kids were in a great mood all morning.  Toward the end of our trip, we stopped at a friend’s house to pick cucumbers and visit.

I never realized that cucumbers look a lot like squash when they grow.  They also have little prickles on them.  Nick checked out the cucumber patch.


It was fun to find them under the big leaves.


We ended up getting 9 of them.  I think I’m going to make pickles and/or relish even though these aren’t pickling cucumbers.  I read that the texture will be a bit different, but they should work just fine.


Our next public picking was for peaches this morning.  I’ll have more about that tomorrow.

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  1. Sigh… our garden has only produced one cucumber. Ever. I guess you need sun to grow them — optimism alone doesn’t work.

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