Today we traveled to Walnut Drive Gardens in Mogadore, Ohio.  Mogadore is southeast of Akron and it is about 55 minutes from our house in Mayfield Heights.  Usually, we keep our picking to 45 minutes or closer, but we were meeting friends to pick and I like to go to Duma Meats a couple of times a year.  They are only a couple of minutes further than the farm.

We arrived at the farm at exactly 9AM.  I thought we were going to be late between an empty fuel tank and a need for the ATM on our way to the highway, but the traffic was reasonable.  The kids loved the market building since there was a sand box at the entrance.  It kept them quite busy.


With Nick still in potty training mode, a restroom with running water is also a plus.  Soon, we were at the raspberry bushes.  The picking was plentiful and so were the mosquitos.  I was glad that I had the bug repellent with us, but the kids still had a few bites near their feet and necks.


We also wanted to pick peppers.  The pepper picking was at field two.  We paid for our raspberries and headed over the other field.  It was about 5 minutes down the road.  The fields were marked with the type of pepper.  I was interested in yellow sweet and some green peppers.


They give you a 5 gallon bucket to use to pick and then you transfer the peppers when you are done.  It was really quick picking!   Our friends Debbie and Sarah are pictured with their buckets.


I ended up picking 2 buckets’ worth.  They were $9 a bucket.  I think that is a great price, especially for gorgeous peppers.  The raspberries were $3.25 a pound and we paid $8.29.  So, we picked about two and a half pounds of berries.


All in all, it was quite a successful outing.  We had a great time.

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  1. Loved picking with you today Lyn! I’m looking forward to planning the planting of our garden next year, that will be fun!

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