Today, I worked the Fresh Fork CSA booth at Taste of Tremont.  I was able to park near Tremont and College streets.  I was told to look for the smoke.  It was easy to spot.


I met up with some of the other crew and got to work.  It’s always nice to see Allison and Kelly.  In the background the roasting of corn had begun.


Fresh Fork displayed some products for sale.  Mostly, we sold corn on the cob and pig roast platters.


There were a couple of downpours, but it was hot and sunny most of the day.


I think Trevor enjoyed a couple minutes away from the grill during one of rains.  Bean was a big help, but after a few hours started to get bored.  Later in the day, it was time for the second pig.


It was fun to be a part of the crew today.  Maybe in a future year, I’ll visit a few of the other vendors.  This was the tenth year for the event which draws 20,000 people each year.