When we first decided to spend a week at a beach house in Rehoboth, I started looking for things to do in the area.  I came across a list that included a farmers’ market that was near a park.  That sure sounded like a win win for our family.

After some beach time in the AM, we packed up and headed to Grove Park.  We enjoyed lunch at the pavilion and then the kids played.  They are still in their swim attire.  Neither of them could climb the rope, but they had a great time trying.



Soon it was time to check out the market.  They had a nice information booth, and since it was by the park, there were also restroom facilities.  I’m not a big fan of kettle corn, but it sure smells delicious.


Blueberries were in season and quite a few vendors were selling them.  The market looked like the tents were provided (sponsored) by area businesses.  There were about 30 vendors on the day we visited.


We almost bought some of the prettiest broccoli that I had ever seen, but it was sold when we went back to get it.  I was surprised that there were no greens to be found.  We could have used lettuce, but ended up buying peaches, cherries, fudge and nuts.


The peaches came from Bennett Orchards.  They have U-Pick peaches, but it was a week or so away from being open.  Maybe on a future trip to Delaware, we’ll go peach picking.

This market was a decent size and more like the bigger markets in our area.  We had a good time and the kids were able to practice naming their veggies once again.

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