Last night, I had the opportunity to take a canning class.  I’ve been doing some simple water canning for a year or so, but I always think there is something new to learn.

Here a shot of the set up:


The class was quickly put to work shucking corn, dicing peppers and chopping onions.  The goal was to make some relish.


Clark and Robert taught the class and it was really well presented.  There were lots of questions and good discussion throughout the class.  I met the person in blue at the end of the evening.  She had the best knife skills ever.  Maybe she’ll teach me one day soon.


Here’s an action shot of Robert and Clark teaching and demoing.


I had a good time, tasted some awesome “slightly sweet” pickles and picked up a few tips.  Despite the construction issues in getting to the Beachwood Community Center, the facility was really conducive to a class.  I’d love to have a canning party soon.  I wish there were commercial places to can in the area.  My little kitchen just isn’t suitable for what I dream about.