As I approach my bed time, here are 10 things that are on my mind.

  1. I didn’t track my food yesterday or today.
  2. I need to track since I want to get to a healthy weight.  I’m considering the 100 days of real food challenge to help spice things up a bit.
  3. I took photos of my food on Saturday.  It was challenging to stop, think and shoot, before eating.  I’d like to do this once per week.  It’s different and will also allow me to practice my photography.
  4. I took Beth’s spin class today.  It was GREAT!
  5. I’m looking forward to my first trainer workout with Paula tomorrow morning.  I’ve wanted to try one of her workouts for a while.
  6. I’m thinking about putting my C25K training on hold until later in the year.  (Read: after I take some more weight off so it’s a bit easier on me physically.  I think extra walking and keeping up with other cardio is better at this point.  I haven’t made a final decision yet..)
  7. The kitchen is still a mess from dinner, but it was yummy.  We had pork chops, red peppers, green beans and sweet potatoes.  It’s time to do the dishes.
  8. I still need to pack for the morning.
  9. I’m happy and tired.
  10. I did three blog posts today and feel caught up from the weekend.  I’m learning a few new tools to make photos easier and I’m liking it.
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  4 Responses to “Stream of Consciousness”

  1. Lyn, I love your new photo! You look great!

  2. I agree with Sarah! And I can see the weight loss reflected in your face ~ you’re doing GREAT!!!!!

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