Today was a long day.  My husband had surgery this morning and everything went well.

We had a hard time finding a sitter for the kids after our original plan didn’t work out.  Thanks to some good friends, we had coverage until 1pm.  We ran around the house this morning getting ourselves ready, cleaning up the house, making lunch for the kids, etc.

It was hectic to say the least.  We arrived at the surgery center and then waited.  They took him back for prep and I waited.  I got to see him before surgery and we waited.  They took him to the OR and then I waited again.

At 1pm, he was in recovery and our sitter dropped the kids off.  Then, the kids and I waited.  They played in the waiting room for a while, and we only had one meltdown.  After the meltdown, I retrieved the DVD player from the car and the rest of the waiting went much better.

At 3:30pm, we finally arrived at home.  We got everyone settled and then I ate lunch.  A bit later, we went and filled prescriptions, bought milk, and stopped to pay a bill.

At some point, when I was checking on my husband, I heard some commotion from the living room.  I’m not sure what happened, but it ended with Sally stepping on Nick’s glasses.  Instead of making dinner, we headed to the glasses store where we waited for someone to fix the glasses.

I was happy when bed time for the kids came and I’m happy that my husband is doing well.  I hope I can do something other that wait tomorrow.

Next up: plan to go to the J for a good workout in the morning.

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