I feel great today! This is the first day in a long time that my knee didn’t hurt at all. I ended up having 4 days off from the gym. Nick, Sally and I headed to the J on Thursday before our CSA pickup. When we arrived just after 4pm, two of the Kid Kare staff people were leaving. They were closed due to a power outage and flood. Apparently, the power went out during the thunderstorm and the Kid Kare room and part of the gym floor flooded. So, Kid Kare was also closed on Friday while they could clean and dry things out. Saturday, we don’t go to the J and Sunday was Father’s Day. Sally also went sick on Saturday and Sunday.

So, 4 days of rest must have done the trick. Today, I had a great (but cautious) workout and no pain.

20 minutes on the E Spinner averaging 80 RPMs. I was sweating and actually felt like I got a cardio workout. After that warm up, I completed some core floor exercises and PT exercises. I still had time and felt great, so I did the following:

2 sets of 20 @ 90 pounds on the abdominal machine
2 sets of 12 @ 70 pounds on the row
2 sets of 12 narrow and wide on the lat pull down

I made sure to stretch when I was done. I didn’t have a long workout, but I’m super excited to add more to my next workout.

Next up: strawberry picking if the weather cooperates, otherwise we’ll head to the J in the morning.

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