On Wednesday, we had our 3rd Biggest Loser workout at the J.  We had about 35 people show up for spin class.  It was really set up well for the new folks.  I’d guess by looking around that this was the first spin class ever for at least 25 of the participants.

Richard taught the class.  He wasn’t prepped ahead of time for the audience and was so excited to have a full class of students.  He waited until 6PM and after some introductions, he took a few minutes to explain to everyone how to set up their bike.  Set up is pretty important or you can compromise your knees and have a bad experience.  For some of us who were already set up, we just started spinning during that time.  By 6:15PM or so, there was music and actual class going on.

Richard is very narrative.  He loves to paint a picture and tell stories.  This was my second class with him.  In the first class, many months ago, he took us to the Lake Placid Olympics and we went ski jumping.  He paints a vivid enough picture that you can remember it much later.

In Wednesday’s class, he went through several basic moves and then we ended with a 5K race,  He’s really good at having you visualize the competition.

I got a good workout and was impressed with all of the beginners.  I hope all of them felt like they accomplished something.  For me, a SPIN class was really hard to walk into the first time.  Once I got the hang of setting up my bike, I was hooked.  Currently, I try to spin at least once a week.

Later in the month, there’s a Yoga session.  I’ve never done yoga and I’m hoping that the class is beginner friendly.