Yesterday, we had our second workout in the pool.  It was much better (harder) than the first workout.  We only had about 16 people or so.  Last time we had 40.  I think the smaller numbers made the group more manageable.  Both Adam and Bobbie were the instructors again.  After a brief 5 minute warm up, we divided into two groups.  Adam worked with one group on the deep water and Bobbie worked with the other group in shallower water.  We had floatation belts on for most of this workout.

With Adam in the deep end, we did things like cross-country skiing, jumping jacks, knee lifts, etc.  All of these were done without touching the bottom.  Then, the groups switched and we did a different series of exercises with Bobbie.

Later in the class, we did some work with the noodles.  There are some stiffer white noodles that get used for classes since they are stiffer.  You can do bicycles and other cool exercises with them.

The last part of the class, I was back in the deep end.  To make it harder, we didn’t use the floatation belts.  So, we were treading water the whole time.  We formed a circle and then tossed a small water basketball around.  It’s incredibly hard to throw a ball and keep treading water.  We started just throwing the ball to the person next to us and then we made things more interesting by throwing the ball to whomever we wanted.

I left the workout before the formal stretch and cool down since the kids were in the playroom and needed picked up.

I enjoyed the workout and I am looking forward to trying Yoga for the first time next Wednesday.

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