Tonight was the last scheduled Biggest Loser group workout.  We only had about 20 people in attendance.  It’s sad how we can start out with a group of 50+ and end up the series with less than half.

We had 3 regular trainers, a new trainer and Rich all there to motivate us and keep us going.  Fortunately or unfortunately, there was lots of people to yell at us and correct our form and help us maximize our workout.

This morning I took the water aerobics class.  This afternoon, neither kid napped.  So, I was pretty tired when I arrived for the 6PM workout.

For almost an hour, we did a series of 1 minute exercises.  Our breaks were usually long enough for one of the trainers to describe and demonstrate the next move.  The great thing about all of the exercises was that we didn’t need any special equipment.

Our drills included things like:

  • burpees
  • pushups
  • wall sits
  • triceps dips
  • knee lifts
  • jumping jack squats
  • squats
  • step ups
  • walking lunges
  • planks
  • side planks
  • oblique twists

There were many more, but it’s not possible to remember all of them at the moment.  I liked that we kind of had a few circuits.  We had a cardio set, a set that used the bleachers/steps, a set that used the mats, an active cool down and then some stretching.

The workout was well planned out.  I’m beat.