Today, I went to my water aerobics class.  Our regular instructor was not there.  Adam was our sub.  We had Adam before and he’s great.  Today, he surprised me by joining us in the class.  He came into the water and did the entire class with us.  It was so much fun.

I think it’s good for me to change things up a bit, especially in the water.  Usually, I feel good after class, but when we have Adam, I am beat.  I really feel like I get a great workout.

He seemed to do a better job than I remembered making moves more difficult if needed.  I think when an instructor can modify to make exercises both easier and harder, they gain the support of a wider variety of students.  All of us are definitely not created equal.

My favorite moves of the day included racing Shayna down to the deep end with our noodles.  We had several races that included flutter kicking and bicycling (forward and backwards).

I’m so glad that I take this class on a regular basis.  The water workouts are a nice change of pace and are definitely fit well in my routine.

Shayna and I decided to figure out a 15-20 minute workout to do while the kids take their swim lesson on Thursdays.  I see some additional racing in our future.  I can’t wait!