We enjoy making our own whole wheat tortillas at home.  We like to use the recipe at the 100 Days of Real Food website.  I like this recipe because it uses all whole wheat flour and only has 3 other ingredients (water, salt and oil).  We usually have all of the ingredients for them on hand.

Yesterday, we had decided on fajitas for dinner.  Homemade tortillas were in order.  Stephen ran to the store with Sally and Nick stayed home to help.  We mixed up the dough and left it on the mat to rest.  When it came time to roll the tortillas, Nick wanted to help.  I’ve let him use the rolling pin to “help” me before, but this time was different.  He rolled out all of the tortillas.  I helped him with the first couple and then he just went to it.  I was so excited for him.  It worked out well since I had to cook the tortillas and it was so much easier to have someone rolling out the dough.  The tortilla dough is easy to roll and both the thickness and shape are forgiving.  The only requirement is that they fit into whatever pan you are using to cook them.

Nick is flouring the rolling pin.


He’s so focused!



Here he’s admiring his work.  He didn’t quite grasp the concept of turning the dough to keep it more round.


I’m sure we’ll be making these again soon with my new dough roller!  In addition to fajitas, we enjoy these with honey and bananas, jam and peanut butter, and just plain cheese.  The combinations are endless.