I’ve been a member of the JCC for almost four and a half years.  I have been pretty consistent with my workouts during that time.  Lately, I’ve been really looking at my workout schedule and the type of workouts that I work into my schedule.

  • Monday Spinning: This is a great workout for me.  It’s a full hour of cardio and is challenging.
  • Tuesday Water Aerobics:  I’m still working on making this class more challenging.  I love the water and incorporating it into my routine feels good.
  • Wednesday ??:  This is my “pot luck” day.  For me, this usually means a rather unplanned workout.  If we get to the gym in time, I’d like to take the power sculpt class.  In reality, that doesn’t happen and my options are limited since we leave early to go to the library.  I don’t want to strength train since that is on my Thursday schedule.  I usually end up with the elliptical.
  • Thursday Strength Training with Trainer:  This is one of my best workouts of the week!
  • Friday ??: This is another “pot luck” day.  We get to the JCC late so the kids can enjoy Teacher Debbie.  So, all of the classes are out.  Currently, I’m walking the track for a bit to cheer on my partner in crime as she trains for a 5K.  I’m looking into a small group yoga class, but nothing is set up yet.
  • Saturday/Sunday:  Although I try to be active on the weekends, the reality is that I don’t get real workouts in.  This also means that I’m only get strength training once a week.

So far, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are great workouts.  Wednesday and Friday aren’t.  I need to figure out how to get exercise in on the weekends.

To help with this goal, I joined another gym.  I know it seems crazy, but our weekend time is precious.  It takes me 13 minutes to drive to the JCC and another 5-15 to park, walk inside, go to the lockers, and get started.  To get a 45 minute workout, I need at least an hour and a half.  Anytime Fitness is just over a half mile from our house.  If I drive there, I can be putting on shoes at home one minute and working out 5 minutes later.  Ideally, I’d like to walk/jog up to the gym, do strength training and walk/jog back.  I think I can get a really good workout done in an hour.  The gym is open 24/7.  I have a key fob to use to enter and it’s a secure spot.  I don’t plan on working out at crazy hours, so there will always be people around.  My weekend goal is to be back home by 8AM and that’s when the JCC opens!

I’d also love to get one or two extra cardio workouts in during the week.  But, the weekends are my first priority.  Saturday is Nick’s birthday and I’m planning to start my day out with a workout so that we can spend the rest of the day having fun.

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