Yesterday, my partner in crime and I had our weekly session with our trainer, Jen.  She’s been doing such a good job of challenging us both even though our fitness levels are different.  Thursday was no exception.

I only ended up with a 5 minute warm up on the elliptical before it was time to meet.  That was just fine.  Some days between the dishes, breakfast and getting the kids ready to get out the door, I feel like I ran a marathon before I ever get to the gym.  So, while a proper warm up is nice, I don’t ever really get to the gym cold.

Circuit #1

  • Straight Arm Lat. Pulldown 50lb x 20
  • Seated Lat. Pulldown 60lb x 20ea (wide and narrow grip)
  • Cable Tricep Pulldown (regular) 60lb x 15
  • 50lb x 12
  • 40lb x 10
  • 30lb x 8
  • 20lb x 6
  • Cable Tricep Pulldown (overhead) 50lb x 15
  • 40lb x 12
  • 30lb x 10
  • 20lb x 8
  • Jacknives w/ Ball x 15

My arms were jelly after this first circuit for the upper body.  I was definitely fatigued to failure on a couple of the exercises.  Sometimes, I forget to count the reps.  I just keep doing them until it’s really hard and then do my best to do  one or two more.

Circuit #2

  • Overhead Squat x/ Stick x 30
  • Curtsy Lunges x 20ea.
  • Sled Leg Press x 5 of 10 (feet hip width, plie, feet to left and right, feet on top)
  • Prone Leg Curl x 2 of 12
  • Punching Back Ext. 5lb x 6 punches x 10

My lunges are getting better.  I’m finding my balance has improved and my depth is greater as well.  This was my first time on the sled leg press.  I really liked it.  I definitely felt the stretching in my hammies and glutes. It was also my first time on the prone leg curl.  I loved the fact that I could actually lay on my front and do the exercise.  Keep in mind that I didn’t have weight on either machine, but I was still very happy with the activity.  I can’t wait to do them again.

At the end of the workout, we took about 5 minutes to stretch.  An hour still feels like a really long time to do strength training, but I am getting used to it.  I’ve really been enjoying these sessions.  Today, I can tell that I worked out, but nothing is killing me.  I woke up stiff, but felt much better after playing in the water with Sally.

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