Between my sister’s house and the beach house, we stopped to visit my in-laws for a couple of nights.  They live in Dover, DE, so they don’t get to see the kids very often.

Grandma got out some magnetic marbles for Nick and Sally to play with.


In preparation for a week at the beach, Grandma bought the kids each a set of sand toys.  They worked well with water in this test run.



There was also time for reading and snuggling.


And there was time for bubbles and play dough.


Here’s a photo of the kids with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Derek and his friend Danny.


Here’s one of happy grandparents and grandkids!


Here’s Danny and Derek and one of them with the kids.


We had a nice visit and headed to the beach from here.

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  1. That grandparents picture is just too darned cute. I just love how they are holding hands…how your father-in-law and your husband have the same stance…. Just cute cute cute…..oh and it’s a great picture of the kids too.

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