A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to see the new Fresh Fork CSA office and warehouse space.  Since I used to have my own warehouse, I always enjoy checking them out.

I rang the bell.  Fresh Fork occupies a small part of the office space near ISP.  Here’s a photo of Robert on the phone.  I think he spends most of his day answering the phones, especially at the beginning of the season.


Unlike the old space, there are plenty of docks to share with other tenants.  On the right, a freezer full of chickens.  These were the chickens that we received in our bag the first week.


I also visited the cooler where I saw all of this delicious Snowville Creamery milk.


Since deliveries hadn’t started yet, there wasn’t too much in the warehouse, but it was still fun to look around.  Someday, I’ll visit when the trucks are in action.  But for now, I’ll just keep enjoying my bag each week.

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  3 Responses to “Fresh Fork Warehouse”

  1. Yumm we are enjoying everything! Baby’s favorite was homemade peach frozen yogurt :)

  2. So cool that you got a “behind the scenes” look!

    • I’m answering the 800 number for Trevor a few hours a week. I was at the warehouse for system orientation of sorts. I’m already salivating over this week’s bag.

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