Today wasn’t bad. I still need more veggies.

1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, 1pk Equal=6
Morning Snack
2 clementines
pasta w/ turkey pepperoni, sauce, cheese, olives=11
Afternoon Snack
milk w/caramel syrup=3
mini meatloaf w/ noodles=5
dipping dots=5
Late Snack
after second workout - really dinner
2 mini meatloaf w/noodles=10
2 slices of toast w/ butter spread, cinnamon, 1pk Equal=6
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Today, I had my regular trainer workout with Chelsea. I’ll add specifics of our workout when they are available. It included cable triceps, back extension, abs, squats, hack squat, fly/delts, etc. I did a 15 min warm up on the elliptical and another 15 min after my trainer workout. Before I left the fitness center, I ran into Shayna. She was finishing up her workout on the stair master. I joined her for 2 minutes. My goal is to get to 30 min. I was beat after the workout. I feel like the workouts are getting more intense. Chelsea isn’t afraid to push me to my limits and I’m not afraid to work. :-)

Workout specifics (2 sets of most):
Hack Squat: 120 lbs (this was pretty heavy)
Pec Fly: 60 lbs
Rear Delt: 60 lbs
Abs Machine: 90 lbs
Back Extension: body weight only
Overhead Press and Squat: 10 lb core ball (1 set of 20)
Bicep Curl: balance on 1 leg, 12 lb DB
Plank on Bench: 60 seconds
Tricep Rope: single leg balance, 70 lbs (second set with lowered weight)

Tonight, was a Biggest Loser workout. I warmed up on the elliptical for 10 min.
We did 1 min 15 sec of different exercises and walked around the gym in between. We kept moving the entire workout. We also had a warm up and stretching period.
Here is the list of exercises:
1) plie squats with lateral raise (no weight)
2) modified push up w/knees on BOSU
3) partner rows (used yellow band and it was way too light)
4) plank w/knees on BOSU (not my best plank and I took a couple of breaks)
5) BOSU step ups w/curl using 12 pound dumbell
6) V-UPs (I can’t really do these properly, I just did the upper body part)
7) Russian twists w/heels on the ground (one day I will do these with my feet off the ground)
8) curl and press w/dumbbell (10 pound)
9) standing leg lifts (30+ sec with each leg)
There were a couple of others on the list, but we ran out of time…
10) upright elbow to knee, alternating
11) BOSU DB chest press and bridge hold

I’m already sore.

Next up is suppose to be spin in the morning, but it will be weather dependent.

Activity points earned: 3 elliptical, 3 trainer, 4 BL work out=10 total

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