Deluxe Oatmeal:
1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk and one diced apple, cinnamon=6
Topped w/granola, cashew butter=6
Morning Snack
1 pouch tuna fish w/1pk fat free mayo, 1T relish=3
orzo w/sausage, cheese, sauce=13
Afternoon Snack
tacos made w/ lots of mushrooms, peppers (and meat)=21
Late Snack
English muffin w/cashew butter, powdered sugar=8
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We (the kids and I) headed to the J after church this morning.  We didn’t get there until after 10, but I was able to get in a good cardio workout before rushing home for lunch/naps.  There’s a small window of happy kids before they turn into terrors when they are too hungry and too tired.

I worked out on my own today.  10 min bike, 5 min hand cycle, 30 min elliptical.  It was a good and painless workout.

I’ve lost of bit of my mojo on the food stuff lately.  I am down inches for sure, but not really down in pounds.  I’m expecting to gain at the biggest loser weigh in tomorrow.  I need to “get with the program” and take off some more pounds.  I feel great for the most part, but that won’t get me to a healthy weight.

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