1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 2t cashew butter, 1/2c blueberries, granola=11
Morning Snack
Luna bar=5
Mini meatloaves (filled with lots of veggies)=6
Afternoon Snack
Lasagna, cauliflower=10
Late Snack
Twix bar=6
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So, I ditched my Weight Watcher meeting today.  Look for a recap (probably gain) soon as I’ll try to get up there Fri or Sat.  I did however pick the gym instead.  So, no meeting recap today, but I did make it to spinning class.

Today was a blah kind of day.  After staying home with a sick daughter for the last two mornings, it felt good to get to the J.  I wasn’t really into it at all, but was still looking forward to trying out Donna’s class.  I wasn’t sure what to expect because I hadn’t done any research on her.

She was great.  I’d rank her second or third in the list of instructors that I have taken at the J thus far.  I’ve taken class from 6 people.

To top it off, my trainer Chelsea showed up for the class.  It’s amazing how much more you push yourself when you are around people you know.  I don’t compete per se, but I certainly didn’t want to be lazy with her around.

I also ran into Paula.  Paula is another trainer at the JCC.  She always takes the time to chat about how I am doing.  I wish her schedule was compatible so I could train with her some.  I think she’d be good for me.  For now, she’s pretty booked and I have limited availability.

I’m thinking about stepping up the activity for the last couple weeks of the Biggest Loser contest.  I’ve not had the best food week (gain) and would really like to give a good push until the 28th.  I’ll have to look closely at my schedule.

Lastly, as I was leaving, I ran into Shayna.  She’s been checking out the blog and it’s great to run into her.  I’m up to 5 min on the stair master thanks to her encouragement.

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