Today, I had my normally scheduled trainer workout with Chelsea.

We did a pretty normal set including abs, fly, deltoids, lat pull down, row, lunges.  Then, we also did the bench press.  I was able to do the bar (about 45 pounds).  I was excited.  That’s an odd way to hold weight and I could not have done that a few weeks ago.

Edited to include list, most were 2 sets:
Rear Delt: 60 lbs
Pec Fly: 75 lbs
Row: 60 lbs
Lat Pull: 70 lbs
Lunges: length of room
Leg Ext: 20 lbs single leg
Shoulder Press: 30 lbs
Plank on ground: 33 sec
Abdominal Machine: 115 lbs
Bench Press: bar only

Tonight, we had our last Biggest Loser Workout.  The format was the same as most of the others.  Small groups were at stations and when we weren’t at a station, we were moving around the gym.  The stations included things like push ups, squats, shoulder press, Russian twists, reverse crunches, row, step ups on the BOSU, knee lifts, etc.  Each station was for 1 min 15 sec.  In between these exercises we walked around the gym (most jogged – I walked) and occasionally, we did things like slides, hopping/stepping etc. to shake it up a bit.  Our trainers were Ryan and John and Rich was there to cheer us on.

I’m already sore!  I usually SPIN on Wednesday, but I forgot to do the laundry, so I may have a plan B of the elliptical or the cardio dance class instead.

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Feb 222011
1/2c oatmeal w/1c milk, 1c blueberries, cinnamon, granola (home made) =8
Morning Snack
Luna Bar=5
Afternoon Snack
Pasta w/sauce, cheese, shrooms=13
mini sandwich=5
Late Snack
Cadbury eggs=8
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