Feb 152011

After being sick all night, I didn’t eat much today.

apple juice diluted with water=3
Morning Snack
Kool Aid=2
Kool Aid=2
Afternoon Snack
2 rolls=6
2 slices of pizza=14
Late Snack
tomato soup w/cheese=8
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I was supposed to workout with my trainer this morning and then go back for the Biggest Loser workout this evening.  Instead, spent the day sick in bed after being up all night.  Finally, I can keep food down and I hope to be 100% tomorrow.  I hated to miss today, but my body told me otherwise.  I don’t think I couldn’t have driven to the J today let alone worked out.  I think I need to allow myself more rest.  I’m not sure if that is more rest days from exercise or more sleep in general.  For now, I feel really drained and I’m almost ready to call it a day.

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