Deluxe Oats:
1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, 1t chia seeds topped w/2T granola and 2T homemade cashew butter=11
Morning Snack
grilled cheese w/shrooms on local wheat bread=8
tomato soup=4
Afternoon Snack
orzo w/sauce, cheese=7
Late Snack
wheat toast w/1T powdered sugar, cinnamon, 2T cashew butter=9
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I didn’t spin this morning or do the cardio dance class this afternoon.  I had planned to meet up with a friend at the gym at 6:30pm.  I’m not really an evening exerciser, but this plan fit my schedule well today.

It snowed most of the day and despite the road conditions and the fact that my friend had to cancel, I went to the gym.  I didn’t have a stellar workout, but did manage to sweat for a bit.

I did a hodgepodge workout consisting of 10 min on the bike, 10 min on the elliptical, 3 min on the stair master, a set of squats with an 8 pound medicine ball and a set each of leg press, triceps, biceps, leg curl, adduction and abduction machines.  I was mostly trying out the new equipment while it wasn’t busy.

The drive home was much better than the drive to the gym.

Looking forward to a fuller workout in the morning.

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