Feb 072011
Deluxe oatmeal:
1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, 2T granola, 1T homemade cashew butter=12
Morning Snack
1 pouch tuna fish w/1pk mayo and 1T relish=3
2 flour tortilla tacos w/cheese and sour cream=13
Teresa's Pizza
3 slices of bacon, green olive and mushroom=21
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Today’s SPIN class was great per usual.  Unfortunately, my daughter has a fever and has not had the best day.  With hubby out of town, my schedule is in a state of flux.

I’m super glad that I made it to class today, since both scheduled workouts for Tuesday are in jeopardy.

To top it off, I gained 4 pounds at the Biggest Loser weigh in.  Too much crap food doesn’t equal good weigh in.

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