Today was filled with lots of anticipation for the Biggest Loser final weigh in/measurements tomorrow at the JCC.  I’m pretty sure that I gained this week.  I just couldn’t get into it.  I had such high hopes at the beginning of the contest.  Then, the hopes were just gone.  I still think I could place depending on the numbers, how many do the final (required) weigh in, etc.  But, I don’t feel like I did my best every week.  I will also be very glad it’s over.  It was much more pressure than I had expected.  Once people start to notice that you are looking good… it’s extra hard.  It’s also even harder to explain.

I need to relax, eat better, workout a bit less and enjoy each day a bit more.  I’m hoping some nice weather and an attitude adjustment will propel me into some great weeks ahead.  The contest was just 8 weeks.  It will take many weeks to get to my long term weight goal.

I ended up staying home today.  No workout to discuss.

Next up: hopefully my hip will allow spinning in the morning.  I’m already packed up.  :-)

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Feb 272011

Today was not good.  I’ve been “off” for too long.

1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1c peaches, cinnamon, cashew butter=10
(the crepes were early, the oats later - still too many points)
Morning Snack
pulled chicken=4
Afternoon Snack
toast w/cashew butter=4
Pierogies w/sauce, turkey pepperoni, shrooms=9
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