Today was our first pick up for the Geauga Family Farms CSA.  Sometimes we get a “what’s in season this week list”, but usually surprised when we pick up our items for the week.

Here is what we received.


Let’s take a closer look.

2 containers of strawberries (approximately 2 quarts), 3 tomatoes


loaf of wheat bread (that was sampled on the way home), 1/2 dz. eggs


small head of green leaf lettuce, 2 small heads of another variety of leaf lettuce


bok choy, 2 different views


garlic scapes, cucumber


green onions


I’ll be back tomorrow to share our plan of attack for consumption.

  2 Responses to “Geauga Family Farms CSA–week 1”

  1. What are the season costs of the CSAs that you participate it? Do you think they are worth the expense?

    • Fresh Fork small is $550 for the 22 week season. It usually starts the end of May, but started late this year due to all of the rain. Basically, it’s $30 worth for $25. The large from Geauga Family Farms is $650 for the 20 week season. It usually starts around the 1st week of June, but also started late this year.

      Last year, someone in the GFF CSA went to Giant Eagle and compared prices and quantities and found that the CSA was cheaper and that many of the items weren’t even available organic (which would have even been more expensive). We don’t do it because it’s cheaper. We do it because the local items taste great, are very fresh, support the local economy, don’t spend so long on the road, etc. We also LOVE that we try items that we wouldn’t normally buy in the store. We like that GFF has farm visits and that our kids get to see the processes of growing. The meats and other non produce items have been great to sample from Fresh Fork can tell the difference. I wouldn’t participate in them if I didn’t think it was worth it, but if you don’t use everything and enjoy the “challenge” of it, then it’s probably not worth the time and money. Hope that helps.

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